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When looking to have some video work done, keep in mind that the amount of money you put into something is typically directly proportional to the quality of work you will receive. It’s pretty amazing how many people we come across that are willing to skimp on quality in order to save money. Depending on what the video is going to be used for, you can sometimes get away with this. But for the most part… you need to remember that a video you put out is a visual representation of your business/organization. Do you want to come across as a cheap? NO. You should be striving to look as best you can.

Having a video produced is an INVESTMENT. Typically it’s a long term investment. Assuming you are putting the video online, this video will be something that people will see for years to come. Now of course, it doesn’t make sense to produce a video for which you won’t see a RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)— meaning, will it be worth the money? Will you end up making your money back because you invested in it? But how do you determine what that ROI is? Well, I will agree, it’s pretty hard to determine. Keep reading.

A wise man once told me… there are four main categories that you should focus on for your business:

market — NEED. Is there a market, or a need, for your product/service? For bands, the answer is yes. People listen to music. They always NEED more music to listen to… more concerts to go to.

functionality — WORK. Does your product/service work? For bands… can you sing?! Do you create good music? Or do you give concert-goers a good time?

appearance — LOOKS. Do you appear professional? Or for bands… do you have a professional recording? It is often that a product will be dismissed immediately if it is not presented correctly or if it just doesn’t look good.

marketing — KNOW. Do people know about you? Do they know that your product, service, or in the case of bands—music, exists?! If they knew about you, they might be a client/listener.

I talk about bands a lot because we (Moonbeam Studios) produce a lot of music videos. For the most part, a band as a whole should be treated like a business. If you want it to succeed, you should try to succeed in the four categories above.

When releasing a music video, you are hitting ALL FOUR categories. People are constantly seeking more content, on your Facebook page, on YouTube, etc. There is a MARKET for you. A music video is your chance to show viewers that you have good music, that you are fun to watch, that you are interesting. This is your FUNCTIONALITY. Now here’s the big one. A music video is a huge part of your APPEARANCE. Do you look professional? Do you sound professional? If not, well…. people aren’t going to think that you are professional. Lastly, do people know about you. A music video is in itself a form of MARKETING. People will see your video that have never even heard of you. People will share your video to other people that have never even heard of you. From there, they will either fall in love with your music or be turned away because you look/sound bad. Or because you actually are bad (which goes back to functionality).


So to wrap this up, please remember that in having a music video done, you are investing in many parts of your business/band. Don’t skimp, you will end up with mediocre content and be viewed as a mediocre band. A high quality, well-written, well-marketed music video is worth the investment.


Stephen Sargent

Moonbeam Studios

Stephen’s really getting into his coffee

Stephen’s really getting into his coffee

A video we recently put together that may selected for use by a ”mystery company.” Fingers crossed!

A recent documentary we did for Lamps & Voids. As we spent more and more time with this band, we quickly fell more in love with the fine young gentleman as well as their music.

Hello. So here is how I describe our company today. Moonbeam Studios is a visual communication company, and we specialize in video production and photography in greater Cincinnati. Some of our favorite projects include music videos and creative advertising, such as here ( and here (

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